All contests are only open to people ages 18 and up. Travel contest winners must provide their own passport to travel.

Airfare and lodging for travel contests is only included if it is specifically detailed as such in that contest. Airfare for travelers that live outside of the United States is only included if that contest specifically details that airfare for people outside the United States is included.

Chris Burns reserves the right to reject any winner and substitute someone else for any reason at any time.

No agreements made on/or on any Travel With Burns social media site (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.) will legally bind Chris Burns or Travel With Burns to follow any promises or any implied promises. Chris Burns is the sole person who shall decide and interpret contest rules and obligations. Chris Burns has full control over how contests are run and performed and can change the terms at any time.

Any person who chooses to travel with Chris Burns or Travel With Burns will do so at their own risk.

Participants agree to allow Chris Burns and Travel With Burns to use any media from the trip across all social media platforms. Participants agree to allow Chris Burns and Travel With Burns to take photos and videos of them and to use their image and likeness for promotional purposes.